YOU are beautiful… Just as YOU are!

Just what an amazing life: my life!! I have the most diverse and beautiful people in my life that teach me daily what it is all about. Thank you!! I wish for everyone to experience the sun on your face, may the shadows stay behind you, may you laugh til your sides hurt, may you never stop smiling, may you reach for your dreams, may you take a chance, and may you never stop loving and for my dear friends who trouble has found them… may your doubts and fears be conquered by love and light for I send you mine… Always!!

Enjoy your day.

~ ❤ & light ~


6 thoughts on “YOU are beautiful… Just as YOU are!

  1. mikey

    U are aweaome girl u make our days brighter everyday with your inspiring words im so glad to have you as a friend and be part of your life !


    1. annemarieoliver Post author

      Ahh!! I love you girl! I have my not so positive days too, yes? This is what it is all about: sharing the ups and downs of your life, so that other’s may know they are not alone. 🙂



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