Life Is An Adventure

Yes…life can be an adventure! It is a choice really…right? Yes! Making some major changes in my life. A kind of BIG haul/do over in some areas. AND I guess that is the beautiful thing about this ride. You can decide to be who you want to be, who you envisioned yourself to be; at any given moment in time. Just like that as a matter of fact- B..A..M..! Do it!! Make the decision to be all that you can be, to live out every dream your heart desires.

I don’t profess to understand the shard pieces as of yet; but truth be told…I shouldn’t have to-not a single bit of it. So through the thick and/or thin of it all, through the ups and downs, the happy moments, the sad ones too….I will take one step at a time until I get there..where ever “there” is…AND I have no clue for that either. However, I am practicing on a daily “G’day mate!” Thank you for those that checked in on me. It warmed my heart more than you can imagine. Let me just say this, “I am living life with my girl(s) and smiling, and exhaling.” Sometimes you have to do a “tech unplug” to gain some perspective.

~♥ & light ~


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