Synchronicity and Butterflies


Simply Savannah

I love dreaming about synchronicity and then opening up my book to read just about this very notion! What have I learned lately? A bucket full of “truths“, some painful lessons intertwined with the reality and beauty of it all, AND that is more than okay! As you start to trust your instincts, the universe begins to open the paths you only imagined were not available. So here is to what I envision for myself and I hope for you too: If it causes you to shake in your shoes, gives you those wonderful butterflies, if it means taking one more chance when you didn’t think you had it in you to do, and if it amazes the inner child, your “truth”, your soul, then you simply should do it! You should pursue it, whatever “it” means for you, with every ounce of faith that you can muster up, and when that supply starts to run low, surround yourself with those that lift your spirits high.  For me this typically means my family, especially my children.  Though my eldest is on her own (for the most part), this girl right here, Savannah a.k.a “Boo”, she is my everything.  She makes me laugh and smile when I don’t think I have it in me to do so.  AND how about this nice reminder “Stay motivated and get off your butt” from none other than a seven-year old??  I love looking at the world through her eyes!  What a gift she has been to me.  It’s like God him/herself plucked her out and stuck her in my life and said, “Here my child.  Go teach this one how to be young again.  How to live and love again!”  I am grateful that I get this chance again!!

So I end this quick note/blog on this. . . LIFE is short!!! Go for it! Carpe Diem my friends!!

~<3 & light ~


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