Seeking Solace

Truth be told it has been almost two weeks I have done any of my art. I have written some stuff, none of which I have manage to bring together as a cohesive form of text. However, I am climbing back into good old civilization and breaking away from the miserable flu. I am starting to feel alive again. And frankly, it feels pretty darn good! Lol. So as I sit here in my studio listening to Norah Jones and about to tackle this painting, the realization of how I seek solace in my art has become so evident to me. It is a God send and I am eternally grateful for this moment!!

When times are troubling, I know I’m not the only artist who exhales and sends praise for there is certainly almost no other sanctuary by comparison than by the ability to simply ‘let go’ and lose oneself in their art.

Wishing all a blessed evening!! May your life be filled with an abundance of love and light!


Anne Oliver Painting in Progress “Seeking Solace”


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