Finding Humor In Life- A Must

I met a man the other day and here is an interesting fact I would like to point out; intelligence should never be underrated and neither should personal hygiene. I’ll get back to the latter part of that statement. But in re of intelligence; I found myself taken aback by his vocabulary and even more so he was not pompous!! Wait!! What?? Is this possible you ask? Apparently, they exist. Here is an important point to heed: intelligence is sexy, intelligence without arrogance even sexier, intelligence with no arrogance and a five o’clock shadow… Um.. Yeah… ridiculous!!! Did I mention the five o’clock shadow? Anyhoo….the irony, the whole time I’m listening it was all I could do not to laugh. Why you ask? Because you see, it was during this convo (none of which I remember) probably the five o’clock shadow fixation I have…that it dawned on me… Ah crap, my typical reply these days is … “word!” I mean anymore it is just short of a miracle if instead of laughing I don’t state, “lol!” Yes… It is time to get busy and open the Webster again!!

So as I’m desperately reaching for what I would reply with; or better yet, if any brain cells still exist in this ole noggin on a mere three hours of sleep- panic set in. Because all that was coming to my mind was. . . . <——— exactly!! Cricket! Cricket!!

Well, that and the time I utterly froze on stage and could mutter nothing more than "be fit!" OMG!! It was like I was reliving one of the most embarrassing and yet, hysterical moments of my life. Okay, so it's true that I have these a lot, that is NOT the point. Lmbo!!! So I'm thinking "wow!" I don't even remember if I put on deodorant this morning and here I am I went to bed at four a.m. And was feeling daring so I decided to venture out. Basically… I looked like a$$!!! Really?? God has a twisted sense of humor!!!

To be honest, I don't know how the conversation ended nor his name?? But I can tell you this, the whole time I had to tell myself, "whatever you do, it would be inappropriate to smell your underarms at this time no matter how much you are fretting over this." Then the smart ass/ humorous side started to kick in and I thought it would be so hilarious if I just randomly busted into a Saturday Night skit and did the whole "Super Star!" But again… I did do something similar years ago on a date where I reenacted a scene from "Friends". Only I was on a date with probably the only freaking human being who had never watched this show! Needless to say, I laughed and laughed and when I came up for air.. There he sat motionless staring at me. He didn't get the joke and well, can we say, "AWKWARD!" That was our last date. A sense of humor is a must in my book!

The point to this story- intelligence is a beautiful thing; let your beards grow out; wait until you get into your car to smell your armpits, better yet, smell them before you leave your house; never leave your house on a mere three hours of sleep after a 15-hour studio marathon night; and always find the humor in every situation!!


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