The Final Release

It’s funny really when you stop to think how the most random of events, places, people, and/or conversations can wake you up. But it can and they often do. I had an epiphany this morning while in my studio, painting and quite lost in my thoughts. You see it dawned on me, in the course of conversation with two incredible people at dinner last night, I had one more hurdle to accomplish in order to “let go” the final bondages. Though I have made leaps and bounds in the direction of learning the art of forgiveness, I realized I was allowing others to write my story by simply speaking of the past. So amidst painting hundreds of leaves, something sparked the conversations the night before. Then I remembered my dream… And it clicked!

Last night I woke up from a sound sleep, to the sound of a man’s voice so pronounced and so distinct, it made me check my house thinking someone was inside. As I crawled back in bed, I replayed the words he had spoken over and over until I must have drifted off. When I woke, I felt alive. I felt the weight lifted. So while I was in my space, I realized I wanted to release them of the wrongdoing because in the end, we are all human, we all make mistakes, and we all have hurt those we care about the most. And It just doesn’t matter anymore. It no longer holds any bearing as to me in the ‘now’, nor me in the ‘future’.

What did this voice say to me? “Anne! Are you ready? It’s time.”

Here’s to all of us making the discoveries along this journey that teach us: “to forgive, to release, to embrace the lessons and to just love!”

~ ❤ & light ~


Final Release


2 thoughts on “The Final Release

    1. annemarieoliver Post author

      @Deborah- Thank you!! In the end if one (me) wishes for other’s to have compassion and forgiveness towards me, I must be willing to do the same. Sounds simple. Not always. However, the freedom one experiences while releasing and no longer harboring any resentments, is refreshing and life changing. 🙂



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