True Meaning of Giving

Children simply make this world better!! My beautiful Savannah (I am no longer allowed to call her “Boo”), is one in my life I try to mimic. Yes, this often means I giggle… A LOT, I wear silly hats, I paint my nails rainbow colors and I gallop like a horse throughout the stores while we shop, occasionally neighing… REALLY loud!!! 🙂 However, one of the best qualities she possesses is that of caring for others and one where she becomes the teacher and I, the student. She told me they have a “tree of donations” at school and she wanted to pick an ornament off the tree that lists a child’s age and sex and buy a gift for them. And that is what we did. She chose a five year old girl who could ask for anything that she wanted and she chose a ‘book’. While shopping we decided to get the little girl two books instead of one and Savannah picked out a card and wrote the sweetest message to some little girl, whom she’ll never meet. Absolutely proud of her!

May we all remember to “love” like a child and to give with no expectations of getting anything back. This is the true meaning of giving.

Many blessings to each of you!!!

~ ❤ ~


The Boomeister


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