Live In the Present Moment: Yet Dream

Yes, life has taught me many lessons these past seven years and nothing more relevant than all that matters is the “present” moment. It caused a lot of friction in a previous relationship of mine because he only lived in the “moment” and I, well… I am a Type-A Capricorn, spread-sheeting fool who must have order, order, order! I have lists for lists (thanks to my dad) 😉 I get it naturally! Truthfully, it brings comfort to this gal who has come to realize one has no control over anything. Funny huh!? I guess opposites do attract! Well, here is the funnier part… I get it now! More than ever, I get it now. We parted ways many moons ago; but there are so many times I send out into the universe a “thank you” because of “you“, I have grown, I have learned so much about me and what I want. So though we are no longer on the same journey, I truly send you an abundance of love and light, my old dear friend, I wish you nothing but happiness!!

However, living in the present moment, does not mean one shouldn’t dream. For let us not confuse this with the desire to achieve all that matters in your heart and which ignites your very soul in existence: your dreams! So no matter where that needs to take you on this journey, to find the very essence of which makes you, “you”, do it! Go for it! For I do NOT feel the desire to see more of the world, to experience more than what lies merely in my comfort zone, as foolish. Oh the contrary…

What was it that Ghandi said? Ah, yes!~ “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

So for all of you lovely and lively, incredibly talented and beautiful people in my life..let no man stand in the way of your dreams and let no one make you feel foolish for whatever that dream may be! Carpe diem!

Sending you love and light for all and may your journeys be filled with awe and wonder!

~ xo~



“You Can Never Cross the Ocean Unless You Have the Courage to Lose Sight of the Shore”


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