Imagine Your Dreams and Live Them


“Imagine Your Dreams and Live Them”

I spent the weekend hanging with the Boomeister and I was able to dabble a little towards a new series I have been working on.  The truth is… I have been steadily getting my life in order and tackling some things that have been long overdue in preparation for a week that will be in full mommy mode (surgery for the little one).  I am soooooo NOT looking forward to this week in the least-truthfully!!  However, in the process of doing these “things”, I stumbled across this snapshot of a painting that I am working on and thought I would share the latest of what well, basically goes on in my head. 😉

I am always open to any suggestions and feedback!  So if you feel like sharing… do so.  I do realize it is NOT the best of photographs of my work; but it is a quick progress snap.  🙂

I hope life is full of amazing epiphanies and those good ole “awakenings” where you just finally realize, it is more than OKAY to go after your dreams.  I am so grateful for the people in my life that have been encouraging me to do this very thing.  My youngest happens to be one of them!  That/this was a moment I had over a year ago that I certainly can’t preach to my children that the world is their oyster, to reach for the stars, to dream, and for me not to do this very thing!  So I send a ray of light to you all, so that you may “Imagine Your Dreams and Live Them“!

~ ❤ & light ~



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