Over the Moon

Anne Marie Oliver SLN Studios

Today I was thrilled to get my hands on all of the photos of a recent photo shoot by Stacy of SLN Studios.  She is extremely talented; but above all else, one of the MOST beautiful spirits you could ever have the pleasure to meet.  To be able to have her as a friend, a loving guide on my journey for seeking my dreams, well that folks, is why I know I am blessed!!  If you get a chance check her out:  www.slnstudios.com and like her facebook page: www. facebook.com/slnstudio

I know it has been forever since I have blogged anything, though I have from time to time, perused through photos and read other’s poems, and stories.  They bring so much joy to see all the people in my life sharing who they are, where they want to be and how they plan to get there.  🙂  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives!!

There has been tons of stuff to share. I am making my way through ALL the ideas, newly commissioned pieces, painting show(s), joining an art organization (TAC), donating paintings to “Hands on Jacksonville”, sketches for the children’s book, getting my prints ready for sale, raising my squirt “Savannah Rose” aka “Boo” aka “Boo Meister”, helping my beautiful eldest, Lindsay Marie, (a Junior in college)… make her way through her own journey, and working full time.  Can you say A LOT of late nights going on over here??!!  Geesh…  trust me when I tell you that I do NOT look remotely like that photo above at this moment.  I am writing this blog with a mask on my face, wearing green plaid sweatpants, purple striped socks, t-shirt and hair in a pony tail…yeah baby!! 😉  LOL  I am going on about three hours of sleep for day four… basically I could be an extra in the new show “The Walking Dead“!  True Story!  And honestly, it is NOT possible to get it all done in a day, contrary to my head telling me that I can.  I have to remind myself:  Stop!  Breathe child!  You just started this journey just shy two years ago.  It will get done when it is suppose to be get done, and not a moment sooner!!

If I were to be completely honest… I am on my way to “peace”.  It IS a journey AND the most amazing one at that!!

What do I wish for all of you?? LOVE.  PEACE.  GIGGLES.  LOTS OF GIGGLES.

Until the next log in session… 😉

 ~ Ciao


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