Sometimes Ego Wins

As I spend my time lately seeking more of a spiritual connection with life, I am often surprised at how fast my little patootie can swing full force into ego!! It happened so quickly, really. There I was. There he was. It was just the two of us. He stood about 5′ 10″, dark eyes, and that’s all I remember because after all, this is all about moi!! Here I was standing only 4′ 11″ in front of a boy I could be old enough to be his mother. Then it happened. I giggled. He stared blankly. I didn’t care!! So with a little hesitation, I looked down, opened up slowly, and with one more little school girl chuckle reached for it! As our eyes locked, he smiled. I melted! Then it happened. I handed him my drivers license and as he looked at me, then my ID, and back again he said, “You look young!”

This moment right here… I am feeling on top of the world!! I’m really quite amazed I could fit through the darn doors as surely my head would get stuck! But who cares… I just got carded folks!! Bam!! It’s a great day!!! Lol

Happy 4th of July everybody! I hope with all my being (big head included) hahaha that it is filled with sparkles and dazzling fireworks!! Be safe tonight!!

~ ❤ & light ~


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