September Surprises

This year has been full of wonder and surprises and this was one of them!

I was elated and over the moon when a church reached out to me to use one of my paintings as their front cover for a sermon to be delivered on compassion and “The Golden Rule”. It’s ironic how we can lose sight or perspective by the simple act of refusal. We refuse those who do not agree. We refuse those who aren’t in the same way of feeling and acting and being. In the very desperate need to be heard, we often lose sight of just listening, of being open in every aspect to welcoming the polar opposite. I’m guilty of this. In an effort I seek to change wanting to control, wanting to be right, “wanting” and through my art it is my intention(s), to embrace the beauty of this wild world and in seeking “Love and Light” to be a better person, the best version of me. I am learning to “let go”, to forgive those who have wronged me. It’s fairly safe to assume that the latter is a difficult task for most and most definitely an ongoing process for me. What I am learning is true happiness comes from within, from our own light. And though I often feel like Pacino in “The Godfather” when he states, “Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in”, the art of compassion is not a one-time life lesson taught and learned at the toddler stage of life. It is a lesson that will certainly ebb and flow throughout the journey of life. So how apropos was the choice of this painting “Love and Light” to that which was the sermon based on the whole merit of “doing unto other’s as you would have done unto you”!? May we all revisit this rule and may we all give our true self the right to love and the right, without fear to allow our light to shine!

I am truly grateful to have been given the chance to share my art with their parish and for them taking the time to reach out and for sending me copies of the bulletin and sermon. 🙂

~ ❤ & light ~<



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