A New Dawn

I suppose a considerable amount could be said about having the right kind of perspective in life.  I also wholeheartedly believe that it is a choice, in many ways, on how one looks at the events that unfold in their life.  I have had to make tough decisions, as we all have, about the direction I see for myself.  This means choosing to “walk away” for what does not ultimately serve my higher being.  The beauty of it all, I wouldn’t change any of it.  As with anything in life, I am learning.  I am learning to “let go”, I am learning to “stand up for myself”, I am learning “what I want-matters”, and I am learning “I have a lot to say”.  Okay, so maybe that last one is ridiculous since I have ALWAYS had a lot to say.  However, my voice matters, if only to me!

I no longer fret about tomorrow, not really.  I no longer allow  myself to be “bogged down” by all the visions of what has not even come to fruition.  This does NOT mean that I do not dream.  I do!  I dream about a better life for my girls’.  Everything that I am working towards is for them and selfishly; or better yet, with self-interest, is for me.  As I work towards achieving my goals to be an artist that can make a living at what I love to do, I see the chapters that end before my eyes as not an ending; but a beautiful unknown beginning.  And that is exciting!  It is afterall, “A New Dawn”.

Anne Oliver
“A New Dawn II”
Mixed Media on Canvas
48″w x 24″h x 1 1/2″d

Anne Oliver
“A New Dawn I”
Mixed Media on Canvas
40″w x 30″h x 1 1/2″d



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