Spring Surprises

I love this time of year!  There is an inner sense of renewal, rejuvenation that stirs achingly within me.  I can’t wait to get out of bed and start my day(s).  I LOVE that I am able to say that statement.  I spent way too many days of my life crying on the way to work.  I had lost… “me”.  Silly, I know!  What does that even me really?  It’s not that I didn’t enjoy life.  I did!  But sometimes it takes some of “us” a little longer to wake up our inner beings and to embrace who we were meant to be on this journey.  When you learn to have utter faith (not easy for us control freaks), and take the blind leap in knowing, just knowing in your very bones that the ground will appear…look out!! It’s a hell of a ride!!

As I spend the time walking my little one, “Boo” to school every day, I DO take more time to notice such things as how the air is outlined with sweet Jasmine and a hint of roses.  As the essence of these sweet fragrances are inhaled with each breath I take and with the witnessing of their very blossoms occurring at every glance in nature, I smile!!  For there is nothing sweeter to me than these morning walks I get to be a part of it all, this crazy universe and the ride it offers.  I realize that these “moments” I am so blessed to be able to share with her.  We stop and smell the flowers, we giggle, we skip, we catch and release baby frogs, we pet the neighbor’s cat “Smudge” (who by the way likes to sneak into my studio and grace me with his presence-ha), and well, we cut up all the way to school.  I/we notice the changes in nature, like how her favorite tree the “Magnolia” is in full bloom.  But just as importantly, I notice the change(s) that have happened in her and in me!!  I smile!!

Spring has been nothing short of a zillion little surprises like what was mentioned above.  It has also brought some sales.  Uhhh…. grateful…. YES!!!  I know I have said this before, however, I love, love, love when someone who buys a painting of mine does so because it touches them on a level that as every artist you hope and dream about.  When they take the time to ask you about the title, the color choices, where your head and heart were in making your art AND then they reveal why it touched them so, you go “YES!”  Because through your art you are able to form a bond, a universal connection with another human being that understands your journey, that can relate it to their own.  You are here, and they are there, and yet, there is something (emotions/experiences) that connect us all!!  So I am so thrilled to know that a piece of me, my art, will adorn their wall, their home, and their heart!!

Anne Oliver
“The Wandering Whispers of Her Heart”
Mixed Media on Canvas
60″w x 48″h x 1 1/2″d (SOLD)

It is my hope that as I grow and learn each day to listen to the “whispers” of my heart, to take heed at what it is revealing to me, that YOU too, take the time to listen to your own.  It is never to late to follow your dreams.

~ ❤ & light  to you all ~


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