JIA Art Show at the Haskell Gallery

Then there is this!! Yahoo!! I am over the moon excited that I can share this with everyone! My paintings will be on display April-June 2016 in the Haskell Gallery at the Jacksonville International Airport! OMG! OMG! You betcha sweet bippee I am doing flips!! 😂😂

I seriously could not be doing what I do everyday… chasing my art dreams… without the loving support of my family and friends!! From the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU to all who believe in me, who encourage me, and who constantly lift me up!!! Much love to each and every one of you!

And I want to give a special shout out and thank you to @Allie Gloe who is such a gracious, fun loving, beautiful, free spirit and a patient girl!! 😉 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show my work here and for not killing me on the zillion of emails sent your way! Many blessings to you! None of this would be possible without you! ❤❤

Jacksonville International Airport Arts Commission presents Anne Oliver Haskell Gallery April-June 2016


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