Life Is Good

I am a little late in sharing the news on my blog. There has been so much going on in my life lately. It is crazy! And now that I have survived my Boo Bear’s flu (first week out on summer) >:/

Then there is this…


I can’t even begin to tell you how full of gratitude my heart is right now. What I can say is I have probably cried at least ten times and both my girls have reassured me I don’t have to pause anymore and have the look of stress wondering if my car will start. I actually have a car with AC, and no more wood shimmies to hold the windows up. Honestly, I have glanced out numerous times… Ok.. I actually walk out in my driveway to make sure it isn’t just a dream. And there she sits, my freaking new beautiful car, shimmering in the light… And yes, I cry!!

When you have spent the last five years breaking down, getting towed, sitting with your child in every damn parking lot in Jacksonville in the God forsaken heat waiting for her to start, when having friends come pick you up for lunch because your car won’t start, when you pass up opportunities to expand your art because of the fear of being stranded on the other side of town, when your clients/buyers have to come to you to pick up their paintings, and when you realize the weight of the world that has been resting on your shoulders has been lifted! Yes, you cry!!

And when your little girl hops in the new ride, no longer having to ride in an oven and gets to roll down the windows and feel the fresh air hit her face, and you glance and see her smiling because she’s happy, because she knows her mom has had the burden lifted… Yes, you cry!!

Hey! Guess what everybody?? I got a new car!!! And yes, I am crying!! Lol


I got a new car!! YIPPEE!!


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