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“Una Vita Bella”

It is indeed “A Beautiful Life”, this life I have!!  I could NOT be anymore grateful for the ride!

There is a story behind these paintings, as with all of my work. Honestly, I can blog, talk your ear off and pontificate on life with the best of ’em… BUT right now, in this moment, after twelve hours in the studio… I don’t have it in me!  LOL  Soooo….. I hope you can enjoy just the visual aspect of my work without the knowledge or understanding behind them.  I think, I hope, the title of these two paintings says it all.  😉

Much love and blessings to you all!!

Anne Oliver
“Una Vita Bella”
Mixed Media on Canvas
36″w x 36″h x 1 1/2″d
(left panel)

Anne Oliver
“Una Vita Bella”
Mixed Media on Canvas
36″w x 36″h x 1 1/2″d
(right panel)

Anne Oliver
“Una Vita Bella”
Mixed Media on Canvas
36″w x 36″h x 1 1/2″d each
(left and right panels)

Elemental Impermanence 

Everything is as it should be, and on its way to something, forever changing from one moment to the next. It’s life… always in constant motion (much like my emotions these days). 😂😂 People come and people go, you leave a job, your kids grow up in spite of your pleadings to stay “little”, you have to start wearing glasses, your body takes on a whole new shape with each decade, you discover a new book that opens your eyes to a new way of seeing and with all of this you realize how true the statement is that “growing old(er) is not for the faint of heart”; or sissies!! The changes are necessary for growth and for me that’s my cue to get locked away in my studio- a.k.a “my bubble”, a.k.a. “my cocoon”!

I’ve discovered the beauty in being lost in my own world. There is an undeniable basic necessity to “cocoon”. Much like the importance of it so to the “butterfly”, it is sheer survival instinct as the very breath I draw to and fro my lips. And if I ever find myself having to explain it to someone, the realization hits me that they haven’t found “it” yet. I learned a few years back I will not make apologies for having found mine. Sure there are times this causes an irrefutable amount of pain; but there is more so when you deny and turn your back on who you are for the sake of appeasing other’s. This inevitably takes you on a wild, crazy, scary, exciting and often times an imaginative, poetic ride. When you let go of the reigns, learn to trust, and let the course guide you, an alluring journey begins to unfold. The journey has a way of whittling away of all that does not serve your spirit for the higher being we all are and dwindling it all down to the bare bones, whether for the sake of sanity; or mere essence to survive. By ridding anything that is holding you back from pure marrow: “light and love”, and taking those first steps to change, you find yourself without hesitation seeing and identifying yourself in a new light, in a new and positive way!

Life sometimes has such a wonderful way of taking you right pass the hopes and desires of your heart and slamming you right into what you need. Whether it is the sudden and unexplainable desire to exit stage left, getting off the roller coaster for a bit, reclaiming your importance to the universe, quit envying the Jones’, spend more time doing what makes you happy… the list is endless and is curtailed to just “you”. Whatever it is you need, the lessons that are on repeat, take heed, and surrender to the pauses. It is a breathtaking revelation when one pauses and then glances up to see the changes that are occurring. There becomes a longing for more of it.

Becoming more apparent to me with each passing day, these transitory periods of which I find myself reveling in awareness of change is necessary; change is good, I have been born a witness to this basic urge to just.. “be”! No expectations of being anything other than who I am right now-this moment; or even the next. These moments gloriously strung together in unison; coming fast, then slow, then to an almost out of body existence are laying the very vital foundation of re-growth! A beautiful rebirth of stripping away all that binds, all that blackens your soul, all that simply for lack of a better explanation.. must go! So I embrace the rudimentary transitions as my “quest” into being and I hope you find what aids you into discovering your bliss in life!

~ ❤ & light ~

P.S. This painting is available for purchase and please shoot me a message if you are interested in buying it! 🙂

“Elemental Impermancence” 40″w x 30″h x 1 1/2″d Mixed Media on Canvas


Dose of Sunny D

Painting for sale.  ~ ❤ ~


Anne Marie Oliver
“Dose of Sunny D”
(3)- 20″w x 20″h x 1 ½”d each
Mixed Media on Canvas

Haskell Gallery Exhibition at the Jacksonville International Airport

That moment when after walking away from the safety net of the cubicle to chase your dreams, the countless prayers, sweat and tears, the roller coaster of emotions, the lack of sleep.. And then this happens!! I mean omg, It’s officially happening!! Yahoo! The expression of being “a mixed bag of emotions” doesn’t even begin to explain what I am feeling right now. To say that I am beyond excited… Uh.. absolutely!!

My paintings are on display and if you happen to be flying out of Jacksonville in the next few months, stop by and take a look! In the meantime, here is a sneak peek into the exhibit.

I can’t begin to thank all of those who have stood by me to make this happen!

WE did it!!

❤ ❤ ❤

Anne Oliver exhibition at the Haskell Gallery at JIA

Anne Marie Oliver art

Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 2

Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 3

Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 4

Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 5

Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 6

Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 7 Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 8 Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition9

“Bird of Paradise”

This little beauty just SOLD and will soon find its way to its new home! Thank you Alexis! I hope it brings you as much joy as it did for me to create it!  ~ ❤ ~


Anne Oliver Bird of Paradise

Anne Marie Oliver
“Bird of Paradise”
24″w x 24″h x 1 1/2″d
Mixed Media on Canvas

Anne Marie Oliver- VIDA Collection

Hello all you lovely people out there! You all know that I am a BIG proponent of creating wearable art as in my jewelry created from my paintings, so imagine my glee when I was contacted by a company to take it a step further!


I have some more news to share and I am over the moon with excitement to announce that I was contacted by VIDA to partnership with them on creating my artwork into beautiful apparel.

VIDA is a new kind of fashion e-commerce Company that connects artists like me all over the world with producers to bring our work to life. For every product sold, VIDA hopes to provide the gift of literacy to the makers they work with.

This personal collection represents some of my best artwork from over the years and is very authentic to who I am as an artist. I’m really proud today to share this work with you.

Here is a sneak peek into just a few of the items I plan to offer. Go ahead and take a peek!!  🙂


Anne Marie Oliver-VIDA Shop Collection

Sweetwood Books


Lookie! Lookie! Boo and I just hung two of my paintings this past Saturday at Sweetwood Books. Ok.. So I hung and she got to enjoy reading in the most adorable kids section ever!!! If you are in Fleming Island, swing by and say hello to Heather! ❤️❤️

Happy Thursday to all you lovelies!! We hope it has been a blessed day!

#sweetwoodbooks #annemarieoliver

Sweetwood Books-Anne Marie Oliver