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Temporary. Final.

To be human is to feel, to love passionately, to regret, to mourn, to celebrate, to partake in life, to fight with everything in our being to simply be able to breathe the air of freedom.  For so many of us to be human presents itself through the constant fight every day to simply exist.  It is the perennial struggle to matter… to be heard… the lone voice in the cacophony of life.  Each of us has our own unique story to tell.  And through my art is how I tell mine.

 The underlying foundation of my work deals with these transitory, fragmented moments in life and thus, this particular piece reflects the ongoing theme of my work and the inspiration behind the notion that we are “Universally Connected”-all things. The idea of using “nature” as a symbol to the struggles that all things undergo is often employed in my artwork. With any growth in life, both beauty and chaos are intricately intertwined. Like the flower that graces us with its ephemeral splendor, there is both fragility and strength that encompasses it. And though often, one admires the beauty, the elegance, the simplicity of the flower and all that it radiates; one must also appreciate the chaos, the struggles for the blooms to occur to respect the entirety of the flower.

In this painting, the opposing factors of fragility and chaos are indicative of the gentle outlining of the shapes and the soft palette chosen, juxtaposed with deep grooves and marks. Each panel becomes a representative of a particular evolving “moment”, all the while cohesively enabled to make up the totality of the whole painting; a whole flower.

New piece is fini! Finally! LOL Feelfree to shoot me a message if you are interested in purchasing.

~ ❤ & light ~

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Anne Marie Oliver
“Temporary. Final.”
(9)- 12″w x 12″h x 1 7/8″d
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
(Sealed with polyacrylic/edges painted white)


I Shall Move Mountains and Swim the Sea For You

I Am happy to share this painting has a new home in GA! ~ ❤ ~

Anne Marie Oliver
“I Shall Move Mountains and Swim the Sea for You”
48″w x 24″h x 1 1/2″d
Mixed Media on Wood Panel (SOLD)

“Sweet Georgia of Mine I and II”

These are the last two in the series, “Sweet Georgia of Mine” a tribute to my beautiful grandmother, whom I dearly miss!!  They are available for sale and you can find them on here:   VANGO

nature, love, grandmother, vintage, memories, childhood, flowers, landscape,dreams, love

Anne Marie Oliver
“Sweet Georgia of Mine I”
12″w x 12″h x 1 1/2″d
Mixed Media on Wood Panel (sealed with polyacrylic/edges painted white)

nature, love, memories, grandmother, vintage, modern art, abstract, art, paintings, antique, dreams

Anne Marie Oliver
“Sweet Georgia of Mine II”
12″w x 12″h x 1 1/2″d
Mixed Media on Wood Panel (sealed with polyacrylic/edges painted white)

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

This painting now has a new home in Houston, TX!  ~ ❤ ~


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Anne Marie Oliver
“One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure”
36″w x 12″h x 3/4″d
Mixed Media on Canvas (SOLD)

“Into the Wild”

This painting just found a new home in Franklin, TN!  ~ ❤ ~

ANNE OLIVER, ANNE MARIE OLIVER, abstract, intothewild, journey, dreams, landscapes, love,paintings

Artwork Installed at Biscottis

Installation completed this morning!  Yay!! Here’s a little peek at some of the artwork installed! Yes, I promise to get more and better photos of the artwork soon!  It was time to scoot my little fannie out of there so they could get on with the daily opening of their restaurant.  😉

I am so over the moon excited to have some of my pieces on display at #biscottisjax!! Thank you to Barbara, Karin, and to all the staff who endured my stuff sprawled everywhere around the restaurant this morning deciding on what pieces should go where, all the while they were trying to do their jobs!!  ❤  🙂  You guys were amazing!!

If you are in the area, stop by and say hello, grab a bite to eat, and check out the art!


~ ❤ & light ~

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Anne Marie Oliver
Artwork on display
Biscottis Restaurant
Jacksonville, FL

Honorable Mention

I recently entered into an abstract juried exhibition “Abstract X” hosted by Southlight Gallery this past week. Imagine my surprise when I learned that two of my pieces had been selected to be a part of this show (squeal)! It’s been awhile since I’ve been a part of a show; or even held a solo exhibition. I have been so busy painting away, working on this new series so that I have a ‘body of work’ to showcase, it’s left little room for anything else. There’s always some trepidation to paint your heart and then unveil for the world to see and comment on. You do wonder if there will be those it resonates with as it does you? I’ve learned from family and friends they are drawn to either one or the other series I paint- hardly ever both. And that’s okay. That is art! And the one’s I think are my weakest paintings, usually wind up being the one’s everyone loves. Go figure! Lol

For me the tree series allows me to explore my relationship with nature and my experiences in a much different manner than when I do the abstracts, for example. There’s a “peaceful” space that lies in the monotony of creating a thousand leaves. It’s like my “Into the Wild” a thousand mile journey of a woman finding herself and losing herself simultaneously via a paintbrush vs. the trek through the wilderness. And then you take a look at my new abstract series and you see a new outlook on life, a new twist, a variation of “me” and I am having a blast pushing and exploring techniques, and stumbling along this new path more than ever. In fact, I am batting/painting about a 50/50 success rate. But that’s okay too! My mom always reminds me of Babe Ruth in these types of situations. “Remember sweet girl, he may have had the most home runs; but he also led the league in most strike outs!” That is my license “to let go”. So much of the time we can live in “FEAR”, that we become paralyzed to venture out of our comfort zone. I guess really the delving into the abstract region has helped me in that respect. So I just do it! No overthinking (for the most part) and funny thing, it’s usually when I am in the middle of pushing pass the “I totally screwed it up” phase, that it begins to emerge and transform into what I didn’t plan and a much more successful painting than my original sketches or ideas.

This whole experience of “you never know until you try” gave me the courage to reach out and to enter into the exhibition. The night started out with my mommy showing up to pick me up with flowers in her hand to celebrate the night! Melting!! And my oldest, Lindsay, and a couple of her friends showed up for support! That seriously made my night! I had such an awesome time at this show. My mom did too! It was one of her favorites she has been to. It wasn’t because I happened to be in it. It was the vibe! There was just an easy going, laid back atmosphere and everyone we encountered, both the patrons, as well as, the other artists, we’re just fun and amazing! I love going to shows where there are so many different types of people underneath one roof. It allows me to relax and have fun. And I more times than not, leave feeling more inspired and ready to hit the studio again. I absolutely love being a part of a show where honest to God there’s so much damn talent it’s crazy. It challenges me to be better in every aspect of an artist. I’ll see a new line, a new technique I’ve never explored, a new color combo, it’s like being a kid in a candy store! As we walked around taking every artist’s work into our spirit, it made me feel alive and so grateful to be given a chance as an emerging artist to be a part of this experience. Blessed! When I met the gallery owner she was so warm and inviting and we embraced in a hug. I hug everyone! It’s just me! Lol When she told me that I received “honorable mention”, for both “To the Sea” and “Within the Light”, oh my God, I jumped! No really like a little kid. I jumped, squeaked and clapped! I look back now and giggle thinking of that first impression. However, that’s me- a goof ball still at 44! 😉 She told my mom and I to go check it out. So we high tailed around the corner to find one of my pieces, and my mother was grinning from ear-to-ear when she spotted it in the front room and screeched, “It’s in the window!” At that moment, I am not sure who was more excited, me or my mums? That made my night! To see my mom so proud of me, knowing of my ongoing trials and tribulations, all my hard work, long hours, and sacrifices, her constant support- I was recognized! I received an “honorable mention” on both of my pieces entered. Truth be told, that is just as much for every friend who buys and supports my art endeavors, for each of my family members who have sacrificed not seeing me as I live in my studio, and for their constant spiritual, moral and financial support! It’s for them too!  

I would like to express my gratitude to Pam Zambetti, director of Southlight Gallery, for giving a new artist the opportunity to be a part of your gallery and a platform to be seen. For those who voted for me, “thank you, thank you, thank you!” For the other artists, “Thank you for the memories and the inspiration!” And for those who are on this journey with me, “Hell yeah! We did if!” Onward!

~ ❤ & light ~