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“il Viaggio II”

This commissioned piece is fini

and now has a new home in New York, NY! Woohoo!

I had an absolute blast doing this painting!

Many thanks and blessings to Rahul and his wife!

~ ❤ & light ~


ANNE MARIE OLIVER, journey, celestial, spiritual, vibrant, bold, bright, textured, universal connections, colorful, dynamic,cosmic, vast

Anne Marie Oliver
“il Viaggio II”
55″w x 30″h x 1 1/2″d
Acrylic on Canvas

Hope Springs Eternal

I am so excited and beyond grateful

to be able to say that this painting “Hope Springs Eternal”

has found a new home in Okatie, SC!

~ ❤ ~

ANNE MARIE OLIVER, ANNE OLIVER, nature, trees, landscape, cocoon, abstract, hope, eternal, vibrant, bold, beautiful, universal connections, journey, spiritual

Anne Marie Oliver
“Hope Springs Eternal”
Mixed Media on Panel
48″w x 36″h x 1 1/2″d (SOLD)

Seahorse paintings for sale

For those who love the ocean…here are two paintings for sale with seahorses

~ ❤ ~

Seahorse I copy

Anne Oliver
“Seahorse I”
24″w x 24″h x 1 1/2″d
Mixed Media on Canvas

Seahorse II

Anne Oliver
“Seahorse II”
24″w x 24″h x 1 1/2″d
Mixed Media on Canvas


Haskell Gallery Exhibition at the Jacksonville International Airport

That moment when after walking away from the safety net of the cubicle to chase your dreams, the countless prayers, sweat and tears, the roller coaster of emotions, the lack of sleep.. And then this happens!! I mean omg, It’s officially happening!! Yahoo! The expression of being “a mixed bag of emotions” doesn’t even begin to explain what I am feeling right now. To say that I am beyond excited… Uh.. absolutely!!

My paintings are on display and if you happen to be flying out of Jacksonville in the next few months, stop by and take a look! In the meantime, here is a sneak peek into the exhibit.

I can’t begin to thank all of those who have stood by me to make this happen!

WE did it!!

❤ ❤ ❤

Anne Oliver exhibition at the Haskell Gallery at JIA

Anne Marie Oliver art

Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 2

Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 3

Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 4

Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 5

Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 6

Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 7 Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition 8 Anne Oliver-Haskell Gallery JIA Exhibition9

“La Bella”

This little beauty, which is one of my favorites, has found a new home!! ❤ ❤

"La Bella" (3)- 10"w x 10"h x 1 ½”d each Mixed Media on Canvas (SOLD)

“La Bella”
(3)- 10″w x 10″h x 1 ½”d each
Mixed Media on Canvas


Sweet Dreams

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Anne Marie Oliver
“Sweet Dreams”
60″w x 44″h x 1″d
Mixed Media on Canvas


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